Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be defined as an era of thinking machines. We all are using it today and but still don’t realize it. It empowers your smartphone, runs your social media and optimizes the sites you visit. AI these days is enabling autonomous vehicles and robotics in the air and on the road.

The field is growing drastically with rapid increase of advanced computers into your homes and businesses along with growing power of smartphones. Artificial intelligence software is spreading widely and is now assisting people in almost every sector.

AI right now is that it is NOT a threat. neither to humanity, neither to the economy, nor to your job, at least for the short term. But there are some concerns as to how it can disrupt the labor market and that might include your job, one day. This is definitely something that’s not too far away but you still got some time to prepare for. The way to prepare for it is to think about it and ensure you continue to self-educate yourself on the nature of AI, and, more importantly, continue to learn leadership. Leaders will always be needed at any stage of time.

When it comes to educating yourself on AI, start here: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning: A Primer

Here are some trends of AI

With business models that returning profit now, all indications are that the AI will continue to improve.

Machine Learning, is playing a huge role in modernizing the cybersecurity industry, with many companies leveraging AI for improved cybersecurity solutions.

AI is also being used by adversaries to rapidly learn configurations that can be exploited and rapidly match patterns on penetrated devices to find sensitive information.

Creators of AI solutions do not currently follow any type of security to ensure AI is secure. This might generate negative consequences. AI can be easier to deceive than any computer software. With AI being used by both defenders and attackers in cyberspace this is a key trend to track sensitive information. Many AI solutions are showing up in our IT and Smart devices these days. In many cases we can expect thinking adversaries are seeking ways to leverage the AI to gain unauthorized access to systems. Our recommendation is to ensure all AI solutions are well tested before using them in enterprises.